July and August Winners

A big congratulations to our July and August winners of our monthly drawing for free ice cream: Miko Chua from Facebook and Heidi Wulff from Facebook. One free quart of ice cream for each! Hoorah!

Subscribe to this blog, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter for a chance to win! Do all three and get your name in the drawing three times each month!

Ice Cream Bracketology Champion

A week from Sunday and we’ll be releasing the champion flavor! Come try some dark chocolate with orange zest!

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Bracketology Blues

Today is the last day of the 2012 Ice Cream Bracketology ice cream contest. The championship round ends tonight as we close our doors at 11pm, and as one employee flips the chairs and mops the floor, the other will count the hundreds of little tally marks and declare a winner. And then we have to wait until May to do it again! The fantastic news is that we’ll be making the winning ice cream and serving it to our lovely customers while the winner enjoys some serious quart-age of his or her ice cream. Today is a lot like Christmas, really. We’ve been waiting for this day for a while now. We’ve been talking about it and voting and taking pictures and preparing. And now the day is here! It’s a bittersweet feeling. More sweet though.

So now what? Well, we welcome our students who are coming back into town! And we welcome fall with some delicious seasonal flavors, including a little pumpkin spice, pumpkin cheesecake, sweet potato and marshmallow, and others that shall remain a mystery for a few more weeks. Get ready, my friends.

Check out these awesome spoons from Etsy! We need these…

Not to mention this case. So appropriate.


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OptTown: Choose. Shop. Share.

If you’re new to Davis or have been out of town for the summer months, you may not know about the new phone app that is sweeping the area. OptTown, created on an iPhone and Android platform, allows consumers to choose their favorite businesses and create a customized virtual town. They receive deals, news, and events from the places of their choice. Many businesses are even using the app as a loyalty program. Instead of a wallet full of reward cards, customers conveniently have everything they need conveniently located on their smartphones.

New on board as a business included in this app is yours truly! Listed under our store name, Sugar Daddies, we’re happy to be a part of this venture, and would love to be part of your town. You can find our daily specials, spontaneous sales, and store info. Not to mention that if you use OptTown, after buying 9 treats, you get the 10th for free.

So how do you join? 

1. Scan the QR code below or visit your App Store and search for “OptTown”

2. Install the app

3. Choose your favorite places to shop, eat, drink, and play

4. Get deals, news, and events from all your favorite places

5. Track your loyalty reward program points

6. Share with your Facebook friends

Do you know about our specials?

Monday Night: Dollar Scoop Night 5-close







Tuesday: $2 Cupcakes All Day







Wednesday: $6 Quart Day









Thursday: $3 Cowpie Day









Friday: Milkshake Happy Hour 4-7pm










One FREE Cupcake or Small Ice Cream on Your Birthday!

Davis Has Weltz’s Back

For most watching the US Olympic swimming trials, Scott Weltz seemed an unlikely (and, well, unknown) candidate for the 2012 team. After an upset in the 200-meter breaststroke, though, Weltz beat favorites Brendan Hansen and Eric Shanteau and now prepares for a trip to the London games.

For those of us here in Davis, Weltz’s victory didn’t exactly “come out of nowhere.” As a matter of fact, the road to London began right here. Weltz swam for UC Davis until graduating in 2010 with an economics degree. Even though he never posted a top-eight finish at a senior national meet, coach Pete Motekaitis saw nothing but raw talent.

After Weltz’s college eligibility expired and the UC Davis men’s swim team was dropped, Weltz had no training partners. As a solution, Motekaitis created one that could fit inside of Weltz’s swimming cap: a training chip that would beep every 16.125 seconds while Weltz swam breaststroke sets—the pace he aimed to maintain for each 25-meter segment of his 200 breaststroke. During the trials, Weltz clocked a 2:09.01, nearly an entire second faster than the runner-up.

Photo Credit: The Davis Enterprise

Anyone watching the medal ceremony and news conference following the trials could not help but notice Weltz’s UC Davis T-shirt. The New York Times quotes Weltz saying: “The UC Davis shirt was for all the people who helped me… I was thinking the other day that by making the Olympic team maybe this is turning wheels somewhere that we can get the team back. If that happened, it would be huge. It would mean a lot to me.”

The journey to the Olympic trials and games has demanded more than hard work and determination, but also exceptionally deep pockets on the part of Weltz. For this reason, a Davis-wide effort to support Weltz financially was organized by Christine Lamson Taylor. On the GoFundMe profile for Weltz, Taylor explains that many people approached Motekaitis and his wife asking how to support Scott. Detailing the burden of the expenses thus far, she then writes: “Scott is not expecting this nor is he asking for help but any financial contribution would be very helpful and greatly appreciated.”

So that’s exactly what we all did, because in Davis it’s a family matter. The donation goal was nearly doubled, exceeding the expectations of the project. What can we say? Davis has Weltz’s back. We’re rooting for you, Scott.

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Free Ice Cream

Free Ice Cream

Like our ice cream? Want a free quart of it? Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our blog to get your name in the running three times each month for a free quart! #FreeNoms

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Ice Cream Bracketology

“You have [insert obscure ice cream flavor] here!?” Customers excitedly question us when they see our enormous ice cream bracket.

When working behind the counter, we get to hear your stories, your favorite ice creams of all time, flavors you want to see from us. It’s high time we have a productive way to hear from you in the flavor department. So this spring we asked for your flavor ideas. To our pleasant surprise, over 300 of you submitted flavors! With difficulty we narrowed it down to the 32 best submissions and thus was born the Ice Cream Bracketology.

Brackets aren’t reserved for March Madness alone. How it works: two flavors compete for three days at a time. All you have to do to vote is come into the shop and tell the ice cream scooper which flavor you’d like to place a vote for. Unfortunately we can’t make samples of all these wonderful flavors, so you’ll have to decide your vote on concept alone. The good news: the winning flavor will be made and served in the store regularly and the lucky winner will receive a free quart of his or her ice cream every week for an entire season! You can vote every day, and every three days the competing flavors change.

Wishing you could contribute your ideas? No worries because we’re gearing this bad boy up as an annual competition. We’ll be having Ice Cream Bracketology every summer, which means we’ll be taking flavor submissions each spring.

We’re almost done with our first round of vote-offs, with the following flavors moving on to the next level: Thai Iced Coffee, Habanero Cherry Vanilla, Mango Coconut, Papaya Chile, Passion Fruit & Chocolate with Condensed Milk, Dark Chocolate with Orange Zest, Passion Tea Lemonade, Mango Lassi, Brown Butter, Cucumber Lemon Sorbet, Butternut Squash and Cinnamon, Mascarpone & Fig, and Lychee.

Why go through the trouble of making such an elaborate competition? Because we want you involved in our ice cream creation! So even if your flavor didn’t make it this year, stop by and vote. We do love it when you visit!

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Thank You

Last month we had the privilege of celebrating the one-year anniversary of our new location in downtown Davis. It has been a privilege to serve handcrafted ice cream to our community, so today we want to simply say thank you.

Thank you for your business. You let us do what we love doing: serving our friends “udderly delicious” ice creams and sorbets. You are the driving force behind every cowpie and milkshake, every weekday special, even every blog post. You make it all possible.

Thank you for your involvement. This is our first year doing our Ice Cream Bracketology, a summer-long competition where you vote on customer ideas for ice cream flavors. You submitted hundreds of ideas and you vote each day! You leave suggestions and write reviews; you follow our Facebook and Twitter; you even know our daily specials by heart.

Thank you for sharing life with us. We get to know so many of you by name because you make us your dessert shop of choice. It is an honor to meet you, to learn your favorites, to serve you when you need a pick-me-up or when you have something to celebrate. Being in community with you is a joy.

So thank you

and come again,

Yours Truly

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The Inside Scoop: Inaugural “Sunday Gourmet”

It’s Sunday! Today is the day to come and experience the “Sunday Gourmet” at the Davis Creamery. Made fresh yesterday:

– Maple Bacon
– “Breakfast”
– Coffee and Donuts
– Goat Cheese w/ a Touch of Honey and a Fig Swirl

Small: $3.75
Regular: $5.25
Quart: $9.00


We have three new beer ice creams available by the quart (very limited supply):

– The “Blonde”: an ice cream infused with a beautiful blonde beer, fresh orange peel and coriander…

– “Wee Heavy”: made with Belhaven’s “Wee Heavy” Scottish ale, this ice cream is accented with caramel and salt…

– The “Stout”: the Belhaven Stout makes for a perfect base in creating a chocolate stout ice cream… starts with chocolate, ends with stout… oh yes!

See you there!

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